Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunny Sunday

After a long week of chilly temperatures (18 C most days, but a low of 12 C one night!), this morning brought some welcome sun. I know it sounds crazy, but we've actually been wearing sweatshirts, wool socks and the husband even started wearing flannel pj pants instead of the cargo shorts. You KNOW we've acclimated to South American temperatures when a Canadian starts bundling up at 54 F! However, these homes don't have heating and do have tile flooring, which contributes to the chill factor. So we drink a lot of tea and snuggle up with the few items of winter clothing we own in this hemisphere.

Today, though, the sun came blazing in the bedroom window and finally prompted us to crawl out of bed and call for the butler. Just kidding! But a hot coffee brought to the bedside would be soooo nice...and was, thanks to my sweet, one-armed hubby. He's been okayed for physiotherapy now, so his pleas that dishes are off limits will soon be moot and void. I can't complain though: he's been an exemplary patient.

We took a nice long walk on the beach, which was nearly empty, even with the sun, because no one really wants to hang out on the sand when its cold. Except the windsurfers, who were out en masse. Fun to watch, as were the kids in the trees blowing bubbles and the pink sunset. We should have brought our camera, but we forgot. Next time...

We'll be doing church at home tonight, on the porch, wrapped up in blankets and nursing something warm and smoky in our glasses while we listen to a sermon from our new favorite church in Dallas. Gotta love the internet! What a good way to end an excellent week. Hope yours was as pleasant and relaxing!


anne said...

does church count if it's comfortable and pleasant!?!?!? who knew!!!!


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