Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Writing Life

I've been more focused on writing in the past year than I have been in a long time. Given both free time and the freedom to work, I've found a lot of joy in letting my imagination run free. I'm currently learning how to write longer fiction. Stops and starts and frustrations abound, but it's good and challenging. Poetry comes easier to me and I need to learn how to write fiction with the same simplicity and wildness that I approach a poetic subject. I tend to over critique myself before I've even written anything worth editing. Argh. I am my own worst enemy!

I've started an account over on Figment. It's a fun site for writers, more focused on teens, for sure, that allows users to upload works. I've read some very, very excellent novels on there, as well as some "eeeh" ones. If I were a creative writing teacher, I think I might make this mandatory for my students. Check it might find something you like. My username is GrannyHands. Enjoy!

Today, having written a blog post, commented on the happenings around the world on my various social media sites, my writing goals will be fairly simple:
* write a few poems from prompts and ideas that have been hanging around (but don't edit them)

* work on a children's story involving a groundhog and witchcraft (inspired by an uber-creative kiddo from my time as a librarian)

* organize my notes for the novel onto index cards, so I can lay the outline on the floor and see the BIG picture

Maybe that is a little too ambitious. We'll see. :)

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anne said...

grannyhands? :D

will go and look!

you'all coming "north" at holidays this yr? Heard your mom and MIL heading your way this fall?

take care!