Monday, October 31, 2011

Kite surfing

Rio can't decide if it wants to move towards summer or not. The chilly, rainy weather has set in yet again, though you won't find me complaining. Not having to run air conditioners all day and night, not sweating rivers down the back of my legs, not feeling as though eggs could fry on my kitchen tiles...that's a good feeling.

We did get a little sun this weekend, and used the window as an opportunity to remember that we live just a few blocks from the beach. So we sunblocked up, grabbed a beach novel and headed for some fun in the sun. But we live next to the windiest beach in the city. It's a favorite of the kite surfers, who were out in record numbers on Saturday. While our street is fairly protected from the bluster, we were soon being sandblasted on our beach towels. It was too cold to really enjoy sunbathing, so we watched the surfers instead. Kite surfing is pretty amazing to watch. Some of the guys, and they were all men, as far as I could tell, were getting some serious air time. One guy stayed up for a full 9 seconds, rising to what looked like about 15 feet above the water! Pretty amazing, though a sport I think I'll prefer to just be a spectator to...

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