Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jazz, congratulations and a return to blogging

It's been quiet on the blog front for me these last few weeks. The end of the year is always hectic, and yes, for me, that starts in November! We had a good friend staying with us for about two weeks, and it was so good to catch up and hang out. One night we went to The Maze, a semi-underground once-monthly jazz club in the pacified favela of Tavares Bastos, near Catete. This was our second visit; we'd gone the month before with our mothers and everyone enjoyed themselves right up to the end, when we discovered that the gradual crowding throughout the night had turned into total, full-body-contact human Tetris wiggles to get out the front door. (Not sure this place is totally up to American fire code standards, but if that bothers you, just leave by 1 am!)

As a result, we never explored. Which was a mistake. Thank goodness my friend had been there before and was prepared to give us a little tour. A nearly invisible stairwell led to a maze of passageways, rooms (it's also a hostel), and a fantastic view of the city and bay from an outdoor patio high on the hill. Breathtaking. Also, from that high up, you can see stars, which is not an easy task in the city.

Loved the compliment my friend's coworker paid me at the end of the night, which had us all giggling:
"Congratulations on your life!"

I'm not sure what that means, exactly, but I do like my life and am grateful for the wild ride it has been so far. So thanks, stranger, for the congratulations!

Now that we are guest-free, I should be a more regular blogger again. :)

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