Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's a little too early to be nesting, but...

Now that the creature in my belly is looking less like Skeletor and more like a human on the ultrasound pictures, I decided it was about time to go ahead and tackle one of the decorating projects I'd lugged back with us from the United States.

See? Here's the pre-Christmas 3D photos:

Stuff of nightmares. Cool nightmares, but still...not someone you feel like decorating for.

And last week's picture:

Coo with me, in unison: oooh, how cute! Because, he is, of course, albeit tiny and skinny and only halfway to joining us in the real world...but the cute little nose bud made it possible for me to start thinking about how I'm going to blend MY room with HIS needs.

When we moved to this apartment, I had high hopes for the back bedroom, which was perfectly suited to being my creative hideout (aka: office). It's also the only extra room with an air conditioner, which means it will have to be baby's room as well. It's a good thing that I don't go in for floofy kiddo stuff or uber girly touches, because I think Mr. Bugigangas would have put his foot down. (He did mention that all the pictures on the walls are of princesses...but I maintain that at least one of the four is VERY unisex...and the matter rested.)

So today, after a walk on the beach where the outdoor thermometer read an impossible 43 degrees C (109.4 F), I came home and peeled and stuck and peeled off and restuck a LOT of adhesive letters. I'm mostly happy with the final result, though a few letters may find themselves being moved a millimeter this or thataway until it satisfies my OCD tendencies...

The pictures are from The Secret Lives of Princesses, which I carefully cut out of the book, then had matted and framed (so proud of myself for ordering everything the RIGHT SIZE and only one frame arrived from the US with broken glass). I picked up the letters at a TJMaxx while we were on Christmas holidays, and the lovely blue/green wall is courtesy of the Separated-At-Birth-Mother and Mother-in-Law tag team.

I like how it's child-like and cluttery without being saccharine, and love the moody lusciousness of the artwork. Even if we weren't having a baby, I'd probably have done something similar to enliven the walls of my work room, so I consider this a success!


Ali la Loca said...

ummm, I know what name you are choosing!

anne said...

I like the fact that the art in the room won't be specifically BOY art (whatever that is) and will just show beauty of whatever nature...and yes, it's good that you aren't froofy w/pink and furbelows, if you are going to share your room w/a small one, not for the sake of gender ID, but because such things hold dust :)

heavy hedonist said...

What a great looking wall!
I like your attitude-- hard to decorate for someone not quite there-- the nose, when you got there, was awfully cute. Best wishes for a comfy gestation. I'll be back to check up later!

Peace, Mari

--jenna said...

Ali: Yup yup, his name is mostly chosen! Though I'm trying to find a non-Gabe nickname. Maybe Gav, from the Hebrew spelling?

Anne: And we all know how I hate to dust!

HH: Thanks!