Monday, January 30, 2012

Where the Wild Things Were

I stumbled across an excellent video today. I have a soft spot in my heart for grouchy old men, which is softened even more when they are sour, dour and write books, especially when those books are illustrated and shelved in the children's section. We may not be kindred spirits, exactly, but we're definitely somewhere in the near vicinity...please welcome Maurice Sendak!

(He wrote other books besides the one you know. See title of post if you are the kind of person who reads children's books but doesn't pay attention to author and illustrator. You should, by the way. Follow those names...find new wonderfulness at your local library or bookstore.)

Throw in a Stephen Colbert-led interview, with all that entails, and you have the reason that today just became a stellar Monday!

This is part one of two, do seek out the second half, which is also funny, though not as side-splittingly as the first seven minutes!

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