Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DIY Elephant Head Fake Taxidermy: Part Two

Here's the elephant...needs a name yet, but otherwise...DONE! (Except for mounting).

For the last step, I experimented with several kinds of paper, but decided on pages from an unused Portuguese-English dictionary we had lying around. We have so many dictionaries, I didn't think this one would be missed, and since the theme in the room is sort of wordy (it's still an office, after all), it seemed like the best fit. After tearing the pages out, I soaked them in water. I laid the sheets out over the sculpture, and then sponged/painted/smeared on a mixture of water, white glue and white acrylic paint. I wanted it to soak in well, so I ruined my manicure as I molded the paper to the underlying layers. The white paint was sort of an afterthought but it worked well, giving a little streaky depth to the pages. Last, but not least, I Modge-Podged the whole thing.

I should have glued the brown paper onto the back last, after Modge-Podging, but I did it beforehand. The paper will help protect the wall from any loose wires and it gives it a finished look...

When we have it all mounted, I'll post more pictures. Kind of like the pregnant elephant woman thing I've got going on though. I do feel rather large and ungainly at the moment, so it's quite fitting!


anne said...

such a svelte elephant you make! Looks great, the head, and you :)

neros con la playa said...

looks amazing! pretty good both.
like your blog... its incredible!

Anonymous said...

Good job! He or she will look terrific in your office.I just got back last evening from Costa Rica, had a wonderful time. A few bumps and bruses, but that is normal for me. I was playing with a little girl and tried to do what she did. Her center of balance was much different from mine and I was dumped out of a tub, on to the cement and dirt. X- rays proved neg for a broken hand,( I knew it wasn't, but leader wanted to cover herself.) BIG bruse on my rear end and hip, but no pain, Love, Grammy