Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Link Love for a Rainy Thursday

Sitting here, drinking milky tea (Constant Comment) and enjoying the occasional drip on the tin roof, the coolness of the air after a day of rain...heavenly. I do hope this means summer is over.

In honor of it feeling a bit like fall, here are some links that I've enjoyed and pondered in the last week or so, in chaotic fashion, ranging from political issues and current events to strange sightings and consumeristic desires. Explore at your own peril!

Naming things. It was the first job God gave to humans. Names matter.

The words we use are important. It's also vital that we know what they mean, and that we don't make up our own definitions.

On being a savior...without bothering to do any recon work.

Knitted entrails? Major want. This so appeals to my quirky side.

Biblical prophecy is significantly more subversive than reading entrails. Are American Christians deeply disturbed? Speaking of Revelation and prophecy, here's another one, in a similar vein. It's good to see intelligent commentary and exposition on how Biblical prophecy isn't something we are supposed to make happen, as if the future MUST occur along those lines, but rather as a warning of what COULD happen, if we don't change our ways. It's not a prescription but a warning. Jonah is a great example...and the prophet gets pissed because the people of Ninevah understood his message and didn't let the prophecy come to pass. God seemed pleased with the outcome...while it was Jonah who threw a hissy fit because the promised destruction was foiled. What can we learn from that???

Speaking of prophets, Margaret Atwood appears to be one. Who knew?

I so agree with him. All human medical care should be filtered through the experiences of the animal kingdom. It's why I plan on suggesting that male sterilization start happening with a rubber band. It's heartbreaking to see the goats and sheep suffer, but it's only temporary and the results are so satisfyingly permanent. Would also cost the taxpayer much, much less.

Absurdity has gone to new heights: here, here and here. Even in the Old Testament (Exodus 21:22), the death of a fetus was not equivalent to the death of a person who had drawn their first breath. As a currently pregnant woman myself, I am doing all I can to care for my unborn baby. But no woman should be charged with murder because of a miscarriage, even if the blame might lie squarely on her shoulders. It's a terrible misfortune, not a crime. (And I might point out, abortion is still legal in the USA, so it's hard to see how a natural abortion is a crime but a chosen one is not.)

Some commenter on another post wanted to know if the data from this survey indicates that interracial couples in Alabama could be FORCED to use birth control, to not offend the religious beliefs of their employers.

You must see this cake. What WAS she thinking?

A certain amount of regulation does come in handy, now that you mention it.

How often do I show Jesus the door?


anne said...

Read the Showing Jesus the door bit. Intriguing, and spot on. Will need to wander thru some of the others, but my blood pressure can only take so much.....:)

Ellen said...

yes... filtered through the animal kingdom. where cats and dogs have 10+ in a litter and other animals lay eggs, or, as in frogs, they are creepy-looking tadpoles for the first little while. We have pretty much the exact same life-cycle. it totally makes sense to make decisions based on animals we are so similar to.