Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Linky Tuesdays

So my ankles today could pass for those of a very pale elephant, and I'm indulging a weird pregnancy craving--sour gummies--while elevating those suckers. Perfect time for a link post!

Antique photography that is seriously creepy. And inspiring, in an "I-need-to-start-writing-again" way.

Because pregnancy acne and swollen feet make me start to wonder if I too should walk around with a sheet draped over my body, I decided to spend a little time learning how to do something other than a ponytail with my mane. Nice hair makes one feel a little more human. Hair Romance has a nice e-book (about US$10) with 31 different styles. I tried day 12 yesterday and got flattering comments from strangers about my 'do. Next up? Perfecting the beehive!

Pretty relevant historical info on abortion perspectives from the early years of the US, though the writer forgot to mention that colonial and indigenous "potions" were not 100% effective and did carry a much higher health risk for the mother. I'm not really going anywhere with that statement, just think it should be part of the historical witness. I've not verified the quotes given; many thanks if some kind reader wants to do the research and report back on whether these are fully factual or not.

On a similar note, while a bit fired up, these two articles raise good questions about the slippery slope we go down when decisions about health care are in the hands of legislators instead of doctors. I know I won't be going to a doctor who would let his or her personal views and assumptions about my potential future actions determine what parts of my personal medical history would be shared with me. Either that, or all patients will have to start moonlighting in the medical field, learning how to read our own charts, ultrasounds and lab results so we know whether we're being lied to or not. How's that for a great step forward in medicine?!

Great article about doing the right thing when it falls into your lap: "God’s will for your life? Easy." Also worthwhile to know that varicose veins can rupture. Scary!

As I'm pretty sure God's will for my life includes writing, and not playing Sudoku or being addicted to Pinterest, I think that's what I'll do this afternoon. Happy Tuesday to all!


anne said...

poor little ankles! elevate and drink LOTS of water/tea/other clear fluids!
are you familiar w/the use of unpasteurized apple cider vinegar as the healer of all things skin? I like the organic, more pricey than processed vinegar, but makes a difference. Cotton ball post washing, or chill in fridge and splash on (avoid eyes!) and let dry-- unless you are anti-vinegar smell. But I find it fades as it dries, but still heals skin. Anti microbial, anti fungal anti viral :)

Anonymous said...

You know the old wives' tale about a fresh wet baby diaper being useful for clearing up all types of skin problems ...? I think I would try Anne's suggestion first, though.

More stuff is arriving in the mail. Are you sure I can bring all this in 2 suitcases? Love you, Mom