Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Please tell me when autumn will arrive

It's probably the extra pounds, but it feels so very very very hot here at the moment. Every inch of my exposed skin thanks the inventors of the air conditioner. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of being hot is that one gets irritated much quicker. I'm starting to feel like a geezer. I might have snarled at the managerial-type dude who chastised me today for not being in the preferential line. No matter that there was a holdup of old folks hanging out there, and that the real issue with his store was the fact that of 10 cash registers, only 6 were functioning and of the 6, only three people were actually working. Everyone else was counting their money drawers, starting or ending their shifts. It's such a good way to do business, by infuriating your customers and giving them a hard time for choosing the shortest line. If they didn't have the freshest fish in the neighborhood (and the only grapefruit juice I've ever seen in the city), I don't think I'd patronize them anymore.

On a less geezer-ish note, someone actually kissed my belly today too. I'm starting to get over the personal space issues. Big round of applause for me, please!

We did some glamour shots of the big-ness going on this week. You tell me which angle is more flattering: the accidental shot of me in droopy shorts or the posed portrait? (I felt it was necessary and fair to show that I'm not glamorous OR thinking about my posture on a consistent basis!) Also? The husband hates those shorts, which truly look as though they were designed for adult diapers. On the other hand, they are insanely comfortable and that's really all I care about when doing chores. Still, the poor man has to see them on a regular basis. I think he'll get the honor of burning them post-pregnancy!

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

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