Monday, June 25, 2012

Baby Shower, Rio style

Salty cake, torta salgada, is a major party fakeout food for the unsuspecting or nearsighted foreigner. Made from layers of white bread with tuna or chicken salad fillings and iced with mashed potatoes, the cake is finished with colorful decorations made from shaved vegetables, olives, potato chip slivers...

It was the main dish at the baby shower I attended this afternoon, a riotous affair ending with the proud papa wearing a neon pink wig and half a tube of red lipstick on his body in the form of graffiti while the mother-to-be posed for photos sucking on a pacifier and sporting a grinning lipsticked face on her 32 week stomach.

I'd post photos but I don't want to embarass anyone! (kinda glad G came before MY Brazilian shower...coulda been me!)

The cake was good. It was fun to catch up with old friends and when I am not trying to type on this teeny ipod screen, I'll tell you about the strange things people say to me at these social events in the Z. Norte...but right now, I need to put my little sleeping critter to bed...boa noite!

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anne said...

looks like fun stuff! glad things go well! thinking of you!