Thursday, June 23, 2005

the windy city

i have been shamed into writing my blog. i've been putting it off, because it seems like i have nothing to say, but isn't that what blogs are for? so i want to apologize to all of the wonderful people who actually check on a fairly consistent basis and see nothing from me since when, april? sorry friends.

as the title suggests, i'm in chicago. i'm writing from a church basement, where my friend Michelle has graciously offered me free internet while she works. youth rooms with computers are sweet! i came up yesterday, ready to spend a few days doing stuff at the consulate, with the end result that they would take my visa application. that didn't happen. though i have to congratulate them on getting legalization of some of my papers done much faster than advertised: 15 minutes instead of 3 days! they want something i don't have, a certificate proving that the organization is registered with so-and-so...and we're trying right now to find out if they are, in fact, registered. so i'm pursuing some options on both the visa side and on the "how-i'm-going-to-spend-the-next-weeks-here" side. i'll keep you posted.

the bad news is that i'm here for a lot longer. the good news is that it leaves me time to work on my writing (which i've been procrastinating on) and maybe get a job or volunteer somewhere. we're stil hoping to get me back before the servant team shows up in august. i certainly hope so!

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