Thursday, July 28, 2005

I write a minimum of a thousand words a day, and yet somehow I never seem to have anything to write here...maybe I'm too picky.

My arbitrary deadline of August 7th marks the end of four full months in the States. It's fast approaching and the visa stuff isn't. The Secretary of State sent all my papers back this week because they said the notary was not registered in the right county. I call, and it seems that the incompetent who processed the papers didn't consider that there could be more than one person with the same I have to send everything back and they'll do it right. We hope.

It's just me and Dad at home this week. My PA grandmother had cancer surgery last week and Mom and Ellen left to help them out for a few days. That leaves me to be the frontier woman, taking care of the sheep, goats, chickens, playing pyro with the garbage, fun stuff. There are some serious advantages to living in the country...

Ben ( is freezing in Argentina. Why do I not feel sorry for him? I'm such a grump... get me out of Indiana!

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Laura said...

Hang in there Jenna! I can't imagine how frustrated you must's never ending. But we all trust that it will be over soon, and you will be back in Jacare before you know it!

Yeah for being States-side!!