Saturday, October 22, 2005

Grandmother Peru

She sits in a classic National Geographic doorway, her vibrant dress and huge hat contrasting with the dark wrinkles that crisscross an ancient face. She´s always there, in front of a little tree, a perfect tree with a slender trunk and a box of green leaves cresting just above the rooftop of her low house. She´s always on a stool, just sitting, with dogs running around about her feet. She always waves. And smiles that toothless grin that puts the Colgate models to shame. I like this woman. I see her every time I go to the scary internet cafe. Which is frequently!

There are two things you can be guaranteed to see on every corner in Lima. One is a Chinese "Chifa" restaurant. The other is an internet cafe. I love it! I am, however, rather jealous about the fact that Lima is swimming in familiar luxuries. Maple syrup, Dominos pizza, Starbucks, Fridays, KFC, Cheetos, Cap´n Crunch, etc...foods I would pay almost any price for in Rio are regular occurences here. Maybe it´s God´s way of making up for the pollution and the ugly weather! And the mangey dogs and the trails of poop they leave on the streets and sidewalks...

If I was ever doubting my call to Brazil, a week in Lima has cemented my assurance that God called me to Rio, and not to any other field where WMF is working. I am homesick. Really, absolutely homesick. It´s such a strange feeling...and at the same time somehow comforting!

Lots of interesting things are happening in Rio in my absence...check out Ben´s blog...

We leave for the Bolivia retreat in one week, and I have got to buy some warmer clothes!

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