Thursday, November 10, 2005

a list (of no particular ranking)

Here are a few highligts from the Bolivia retreat...there will be a full report later.

1. All the WMF Peru U.S.A. staff being turned back at the Peruvian border for not having the right paperwork...and taking a bus back 3 hours to the last town only to find out the paperwork could be printed off the internet...
2. Crossing into Bolivia with the Peruvian staff who speak almost no English...and sharing a room with two of them, trying out Spanglishortuguese for communication!
3. Riding on the most dangerous road in the world. Drivers pass on the opposite side, so that the driver can see how many centimeters his tires can inch over until his bus goes crashing into the mountain ravine...while waterfalls are crashing over the roof of the bus. Priceless. I will never do it again!
4. Waking up every morning of the retreat to a view of the Andes.
5. Being with friends I haven't seen in years and making new ones...
6. Candles, incense, and worshiping God in three languages.
7. Cora (age 2) cooing to her new idol, Isabel (age 5,) at breakfast, "Isa, oh, Isa!!!"
8. An hour of silence with God every morning.
9. "Vicious biting insects."
10. Reeses's Sticks, Butter Rum Lifesavers, and a jacuzzi in Juliaca before my flight back to Lima!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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