Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Thoughts from Isa, age 5

I'm sitting in the Langley's apartment, getting ready for Tuesday night worship with the Peru community. Isa is sitting on my lap wanting to help me edit my blog...She's full of lively questions! "I wanna say it in Portuguese...how do you say...hey look, where do you live? Where does your boyfriend live? So, how do you say, I wish I could visit you in Brasil, but in Portuguese?" ...Eu espero que eu possa visitar voce em Brasil... Isa finds languages other than Spanish and English incredibly interesting. She's been teaching us "American Japonese" since the retreat...funny how much it resembles Spanish spoken with a British accent!

So I got my early Christmas present yesterday: red highlights, a fabulous hair cut, and a facial. I'm such a girl...Kerry, you'd be proud of me!

Today was the last day of card preparation...they're all gone, or should be. 6,000 Christmas cards, give or take a few...not to mention the envelopes we folded and glued by hand, and the handmade cards that needed to be glued...and the folding...I don't know if they're going to offer them for sale on the website or not, but if they do, you should buy some. (Shameless plug) But really. The girls worked really hard on them. Half of the cards are printed, with cool designs by youth from Lima, and half of them are hand drawn and colored by teen moms that are off the streets, on homemade paper they did themselves...


pamela said...

Do we get to see any pictures of the fabulous new hair?

Abby said...

JENNNA!!!!!!!! (theres an extra N for effect), i hope things are going well for you.. its been forever since you were around! the souphouse is not the same with boys in it. ah well.
love you and miss you heaps,

Abby :-)