Friday, December 16, 2005

Nayra's Graduation

My friend Nayra invited me to go to her graduation from nursing school...what a blast! I wish I could have recieved MY diploma walking down the aisle to music chosen especially for me...a little samba, or a snippet from Beauty and the Beast or, better yet, the "Barbie Girl" song translated into Portuguese! It was a riot. These pictures are from dinner, which didn't happen until about 10:30 pm...a great time to gorge on churrasco (translation: steak, roasted pineapple, sausage, full buffet, Brazilian barbeque...)
The people in the pictures are: Dilza (with extensions), Fernando (pink shirt), Elias (yellow shirt, no glasses), Gilvan (yellow shirt with glasses) and Joachim (black shirt) and Nayra, the one with a big grin on her face...

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Laura said...

it's good to know you are finally back in Rio! I wish I could have seen you while I was there over Thanksgiving. Tell Nayra I say hello and congratulations! Now she is officially licensed to determine the dangerous effects of xi xi de gato.