Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Café com Rebu

I must have looked silly, wandering around the drugstore buying loads of conditioner because it was the cheapest I've ever seen it, a bath sponge, and several chupetas. Dang it, I've forgotten the English word...pacifiers. Why? Because last night at midnight this cute little girl whose name I always forget came by begging money to go buy one because one the twins was screaming her head off, and the mother couldn't take it anymore. I don't give money, and pacifiers aren't exactly something I keep in the house, so I told her I'd pray the baby would sleep...when I went out today I picked up a couple for them...and she was in the street when I came home, we chatted. Prayer works, people! Baby slept through the night...and if they have any more problems, they have now have an excess of chupetas!

Here's me after an hour and a half manicure with Erica. Hands AND feet. She wasn't going to let me go off to Cabo Frio with just any nails, no!

This is the preferred color combo around here when you want to look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It works!

Now I'm going off to pack my one bag. Junior begged for me to pack light, which I think means just one pair of shoes per day, right??? :) You might not hear from me for a least, not until next week. Happy Carnaval! Behave yourselves.

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