Sunday, February 19, 2006

Linux, Jobs, Prosperity Gospel

Junior and I went to church at Nova Vida Olaria, a big, big church about fifteen minutes away. His ex-sister-in-law goes there, and we heard that his niece was in the children's choir. It was fun to see her up there in front, belting her little lungs out to a fun song. Even if I didn't understand a word. But the pastor was also excellent and preached a really solid message on what the prosperity gospel that's so popular here gets wrong. What Jesus do you want? The easy Jesus or the real one? It was a good message and I followed along without any problems...except when Junior tapped my leg to get my attention. "What???" "That was a good point that he made..." "I missed broke my concentration!" Oh, the perils of a language learner.

I'm asking everyone I know to pray, because tomorrow Junior is supposed to go to Jacarepagua and see someone about a job. It's in computers and something to do with Linux, which he's worked with a little. Not a lot, but any experience helps. It's been months since he's come this close to a real interview. Please pray that if this is the job for him, they won't waste time in hiring him. And they'll pay well. And not have beastly hours. And maybe even health insurance. But if it isn't what God has in mind, please pray that he'll know soon and not be too disappointed...and that God will send something better along.

That's all.

Good night!

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