Sunday, February 19, 2006


Tomorrow Cristina Mel is singing in some place beastly far from here...Queimados, Nova Iguaçu, something like that. She's an acquaintance of mine through Erica, and the women who work for her are becoming friends. So when there's a chance to help out at the concerts, I go. Free food, great seats, recognition during the show, and a chance to see what life is like's sweet. I invited Junior, but it's a Monday night and that means he's probably got band practice. Probably...unless someone forgets the key again, or, as is likely, he skips it. Junior's jealous because the bass player has a crush on me. Why he has a crush on me when he's only seen and talked (briefly) to me at one show, is anyone's guess but could have a lot to do with a pair of hot pink pants and the fact that I'm American. So, even if I was single, there's hardly a chance I'd be interested. But this I don't tell my boyfriend. Maybe he'll come after all. I want him to meet Mel's people. I want him to be exposed to this other world too, the one that is a lot more like what I grew up in. And if a little jealousy brings him, well, I'm not going to complain!

p.s. I stole Cristina's photo from: No plagarism for me. :)

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