Monday, February 13, 2006

Q: What are comments?


1) They're those little things you write to say, "Hey Jenna, I read your blog and I like it or I hate it or you're boring or you're the coolest ever..."
2) They let me know you're alive and well in the world of dial-up, broad-band, DSL, wireless, or whatever fancy new internet connection they've got in the minority world now...
3) They're your way of getting instant recognition and the world of Bugigangas!

If I'm just putting this stuff up for vanity, I might as well just write a journal! Can I get some comments, please?!

1 comment:

Carolyn L said...

I just hunted for and found your blog after reading the latest email. I appreciate the emails, and now the blogs, as they make me feel a little more involved with your ministry and give me some specific things to pray. Please, keep it up! Oh, and I hope you enjoy the challenge of teaching as much as I do! :-)