Wednesday, March 01, 2006

So you want to work in Brazil...

but you don't want to work? Not a problem. You can only be fired for "abandoment of job" after 30 consecutive days of not appearing for work. Since outside of maybe stealing from the company there don't seem to be any other dismissal reasons that warrant you not receiviing all your worker's benefits, people like my friend can go to work two or three days a month. Skip a week, go a day, skip a week...She's trying to get fired. But they don't want to pay her severance pay, which is significant since she's worked there for about three years. So she goes to work just enough to keep within the bounds of the law, and eventually they'll get tired of paying her and fire her outright. And then she can collect the same salary for six months on unemployment. And then maybe, what? Look for another job?

Now I know why no one seems to work around here.

In other news, I woke up to a string of teddy bears and monkeys hung up outside my bedroom window. A much more welcome sight than the dolls hanging by stringy doll-hair the other day...I took a picture:

Somehow it's slightly unnerving.
It's 1:29. I'm going to bed. There are some good stories to come tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jenna,
Do not loose your hopes, in Brasil you saw one example of a colleague not willing to work, how far do you thing she'll go, in life I mean? This happens everywhere, exactly now in Belgium where I am, I saw the same thing going on, but at the end the person got fired. Will the person get a job soon or later, don't know. you should be more careful when posting something like that expliciting so much the image of Brasil with the wrong vision, it is not that I want to hide the Brazilian reality, not at all, we need to work toguether in a solution, and work bit by bit on education. Remenber that educating.
By the way I like your poem:
"Sometimes I chew grass,
talk to my tractor,
watch squirrels break
the laws of gravity flying from
tree to tree.

Sometimes I don’t know what to say
and so I don’t.
Naming took most of my words
and I’d prefer to watch."