Monday, April 10, 2006

Good Inventions and Language Bloopers

1. Blenders. How else can you get perfectly fresh juice early in the morning from such varied produce as melons, strawberries, passionfruits and bananas?

2. Voice recorders on cell phones; I use mine for one-minute clips of church worship, late night funk parites, and the occasional shootout. Yesterday my mother got to hear taped rifle shots from earlier in the day. I'm sure it was a highlight of her day...when we were taping them, we marveled at the number of people calmly walking down the street. After all, the gun battle was a good two or three streets away...

3. Easter baskets. I got one, from an admirer, full of chocolate and soda and candies and a stuffed animal, cookies, cakes, and a container of chocolate milk. Plus I get to use the basket to neaten up my dresser mess...

On language bloopers:

Ladies, don't tell people you have many "perseguidas." You have many "perseguidores," which means people pursuing or persecuting you. In whatever context you meant it in, the former means, in Rio slang, many vaginas. What a nice thing to bust out during choir practice!


Laura said...

that's funny- almost as funny as telling people you like zapatas altas (tall lesbians.)

hey, are you going to good friday service with andre again this year?!

--jenna said...

nope...i´m going to try and hide out in my house friday and not see´s been a long couple of weeks and i really want to just RELAX!

p.s. why is it language bloopers are almost always about sex?