Friday, June 09, 2006

I am "possibly the most ridiculous person"

some people have ever met.

This makes me kind of proud.

Though this, too, is coming from someone who finds it humorous to mummy-wrap his wife in toilet paper and dab blobs of spaghetti sauce "blood" all over her as a party trick...who tries to grow American corn in a makeshift sandbox garden on his rooftop and ends up with a large litterbox for the neighborhood cats and only a few tiny ears in exchange...

So there.

Ridiculous is, as my Brazilian friends like to say, like "bundas. Cada um tem seu..."

Não é?


ben said...

jenna -

i might have to go w/ rich on this one...


rebecca said...

ummm...i thought it was your idea to put the spaghetti sauce on me during the mummy "game."
all i have to say is:
it takes one to know one!

laura said...

i think i agree with rebecca. ;)

beijos, jenna, and congrats on attaining the elusive visa. i pray for you all the time.

laura (t)