Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Koreans came to town...

tried to take pictures, which got me some seriously nasty looks and THANK GOD they were just on the main street...you can't just go snapping pictures around here, you know? Made some apologies, got lots of stares as groups of foreigners normally don't pass through Manguinhos all that often, visited Timonis, Ben's old street, passed by the dealers and the soccer fields, and all-in-all gave a pretty good tour if I do say so myself. AND managed to get back before the rain really came down...

I am all filled up with compliments. On my language skills which are really just a very practical gift from God; on my living here; on the ministry that they saw; and on and on. I feel slightly puffed up and silly with all these good things floating around. Apparently, my name is starting to float around the Baptist circle in Rio. Josias said his pastor had already heard about me and the work I do here, and he pastors a church in Caxias, which isn't even in the Rio municipality! I've never been this popular, you know? I was always the gangly dorky one who flew under the radar and somehow I've morphed into the IT missionary girl, the one with the parties everyone wants an invite to...it's so absurd it makes me laugh. And that's all I have to say about that.

Erica made a nice little feast for us back at home, where we talked about missions and food and guessed the Koreans' ages. Hint: every one of these men looked MUCH, MUCH younger than he really was. The forty-year old I had pegged as the youngest, around twenty-three or so. The thirty-seven year old looked six years younger. Lucky them.

And now they're gone and I will do some much-deserved lounging. Yum.

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