Sunday, June 25, 2006

One of my “things I need to do while in Rio before it’s embarrassing to admit I haven’t done them yet” list

has now been checked off. Today I was treated to a fabulous afternoon at Pão de Açucar, the famous “Sugarloaf Mountain” that, along with the Christ statue, is one of the distinguishing landmarks of Rio. You take two cable cars to arrive at the top, where the view of the city is stunning. And as the sun sets, the lights of the city go on one by one: first a few out at the airport, a billboard here or there, and then suddenly, the city is awash in light and the sun is glaring gold and red and flaming orange over the mountains. And then it’s gone. Magical. Beautiful. Perfect. Of course, I'm sure the experience is colored by WHO you're with as much as WHEN you go, and so I'm quite endebted to Tiago for the company...he was beyond the perfect gentleman. It was a bit film-like, with the surreal cityscape stretching below and our flowing Portuglish someone who popped out of time and just happened to land in 2006 Rio de Janeiro, he kissed my hand and referred to me as "Vossa Senhoria," which is quite possibly the most formal and proper address that exists in the Portuguese language. Until tonight, I had NEVER heard it used in conversation, casual or not. I'm having a princess experience right now!

Remind me again why it's a bad thing to be spoiled???

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