Tuesday, July 11, 2006

On the beach, they sell

these bags of cookie cracker things that come in two flavors: salty or sweet. Light as air, they're a bit like packing peanuts, only round and with a slight taste of either salt or sugar. Mildly disgusting, but you get used to them. "Biscoito Globo" are what they're called.

So on Saturday, at the beach, this man comes wandering down towards us, selling these biscuits. In his sixties, if not older, he shuffled along with a gritty, weary voice mumbling, "Oh biscoito Globo, salgado, doce, do'rei..." One arm was raised over his head and he shielded his face from the sun with a Bible...and he kicked his way through the sand in a full black suit: jacket, tie, and pants, with black leather closed-toe shoes and a permanent scowl.

I place my bets he was with the Assemblies of God. I felt so sorry for him, I bought a bag of the stupid things, even though they are useless to eat...

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rebecca said...

i like the salty ones!