Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mmm. Feels like fall...and I'm writing short sentences today. Don't ask me why...

Cold, rainy, 14 degrees. Celsius, but that's still cold! I wore three shirts today and was still shivering when I got off the bus.

Worked with Tiago and the Americans today...but was more of a floater, filling in for translators going to the bathroom and so forth...and ended up in the dentistry room. The extraction room. I'm getting better at the whole crunching, grinding tooth sounds of the dentists kind of forced me (but it was really cool!) into giving a novocaine shot to a patient. Who knows, maybe next time I'll pull out a tooth for someone?

I lost R$20 today. It was in my hand at the grocery store, I gave Tiago the basket to put away, and when I put my hand out to pay, the money wasn't there anymore! I looked all over the checkout counter but no money in sight. I figure it must have been God. Someone else out there needed it a whole lot more than I did!!!

My finger is purple and still a little swollen, but I took the splint off today and had one of the doctors look at's just a bad sprain and lots of broken blood vessels. And I don't have to immobilize it again, which is nice.

The cat stinks. How can such a small creature create so much poop??????

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rebecca said...

are you feeding her too much?! we'll be back in 2 days to get her! :)
glad it won't be blazing freakin' hot there like it was this time last year...and like it is here (but we have a/c, so who really cares?!)!