Saturday, January 13, 2007

Altered books

Another hobby of mine is small, hardbound books...first reading them, then turning them into something else with paint, thread, needles, holepunchers, stickers, bits of scrap paper, glue, etc...

This is a popular alternative to scrapbooking for those who don't consider books sacred, but maybe feel bad actually throwing them out. I was googling around today and discovered what may possibly be one of the coolest things around: the Portland Public Library. These two links, which I am unfortunately unable to hyperlink in Safari, give more detailed information:

Basically, instead of having a book sale, the library invited artists to have a ball with books they were going to throw away, and after a certain period of time return them, as art, to be PUT INTO CIRCULATION!!!


"Leaves of Grass" becomes a literal field of waving blades of Whitman's poetry, standing upright from the opened cover of the book.
Another book is entirely cut into mesmerizing, overlapping zigzag pages. Another actually requires that I quote verbatim the library's catalog:
"Altered copy of: Willy the wimp by Anthony Browne. Published by Knopf in 1984. Text and illustrations transferred by photocopy to printmaking stock. Pages bound by handsewing, encased in handmade paper. Select annotation to text. Wintergreen fragrance."

Wintergreen fragrance. I am speechless. I am inspired!

I hereby announce that I will be requesting one of these books via interlibrary loan. Rented art through the mail...

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Anonymous said...

You've got Brooke and me trying to get an interlibrary loan of the zig zag book - Zelda?? I think the whole project was a great idea, and I'm going to copy the info and take it with me to give to our librarian. Let us know which one you want, and I'll get it for you when you come home. And, NO, you cannot keep the art, even if it is only a $150 fine.

Love, Mom