Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Monday was long, but great...

there was a freaky flash storm in the middle of our worship circle singing/prayer time, the kids actually lined up to get their food, we fixed a lot of cuts and drew funny pictures of each other, and the girls reprimanded me for being too skinny. Thanks, ladies. I'm eating...and trying to gain weight!

These two boys were all, "Tia, take my picture take my picture take my picture..." all night long.

One of the older boys is super skinny and, well, wasted. He swears he's not doing crack anymore. I'm not sure I believe him.

Next time, I'll videotape the worship time, because it is too precious to miss! Everyone singing off tune, stomping around, ever Mr. I-eat-my-own-poop-as-an-attention-getter-and-pretend-I'm-a-frog was joining in on the action.

Monday nights. Precious.

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