Friday, February 23, 2007

Grammatical Corrections

I made a mistake two posts back. I listed to my anonymous commentator (mother???) and changed the sentence they complained about.

That was wrong. And I knew better, because I taught myself English at home. Had I gone to Owen County Public Schools, perhaps you could have an argument...

The original sentence read: "Here are some pictures of Tiago and me..." and has recently been erroneously changed to "Here are some pictures of Tiago and I..."

The pronoun "me" is in the objective not the subjective form. If I had not made Tiago part of that sentence, it would have read:
"Here are some pictures of me."

Here are some pictures of I????? Clearly wrong.

Who taught me English???? Who taught you?


(want to verify? go here:


Anonymous said...

Jenna - What are you talking about? I wanted it to read Tiago and ME, and the proof is in the prior comment box. It's OK because you don't have an "official" diploma, so we will just credit it to your deficient education. Love, Mom

David B. said...

Jenna, what kind of standard are you trying to set for all we bloggers??? I may never post again if me must use proper English! HA! Miss you and all the Brasil peeps! Give everyone my love!

--jenna said...

ah...i'm so confused.

i'm going to start using portuguese-styled grammar, courtesy of altavista's babelfish:

I go to stop to try to write in perfect English because nobody will be satisfied never!

Anonymous said...

Hi, It's Grammy, I noticed your goof, but me ignored it as me stopped trying to get me grandkids to use their native language properly many years ago. Me just grins and bears it.
I liked your mask, I thought you were a peacock. The earrings looked like the tail and I figured the mask was feathers. Very creative! Your birthday is coming up, but I am sending your gift to your Mom's, as I want you to have it. I'm still mad about your skirt that someone thought they needed your gift more than you. It would not do well in the long mail anyway. It has glass in it. Love, Grammy

Anonymous said...

Hey, I went to Owen County Schools and me takes a fence at that. Hi! from Julia. Did you ever get that e-mail I sent you?