Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Clube Biblico

My friends from Higienópolis are always busy on Tuesday nights. Last night, they took me along and I saw why they would spend an hour on a bus, fifteen minutes walking, and another hour and a half trying to get home at nearly midnight all for a church service. "Clube Bíblico" is a really cheesy name but the service was amazing. Great music, great preaching, some one hundred and fifty people all in the 18-35 age range...

I felt like I was in America...well, a Portuguese-speaking America anyhow.

Getting home was a beast thought. Noádia and I were in heels and we had to walk about a mile from Bonsucesso to our homes at 11:30 at night. I got home a good fifteen minutes after midnight, but it was worth it!

Something was hanging over my head the whole time though...most of the people at the service were white. By Brazilian standards anyway. Rich blonds that you can only get out of a salon and super-expensive at that were scattered all through the pews and the men were mostly metrosexuals. It was a very upper-class group and it showed. As much as I loved the service, found the people charming and will be going back, I wonder. Is this a church where everyone would feel welcome? Or am I just feeling welcomed because I fit in and have blue eyes??? Am I judging on appearances? I'll have to get to know them more to find out...and there are plenty of Tuesday nights left in this year!

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