Saturday, May 12, 2007

More jewelry pictures

This weekend has been great creatively and personally. I'm relaxing, starting the slow process of packing my bags for two months away from Brazil and packing my house up for a quick move once I return. I've made a lot of jewelry. My back hurts as a result, because I work on the floor. I know it's not the most intelligent place. I think I do it because of laziness. Working on the floor in the spare bedroom means I don't have to clean anything up when I'm done; I can leave projects half finished and know that they're not accidentally going to get mixed in with the lasagna, as would surely happen if I worked in the kitchen!

Here's some pictures of the latest goodies, most of which will be going to the Projeto Vidinha fundraiser:

These first two necklaces are made from wooden beads and seeds. Very Amazon and hippie...

This necklace is made of purple glass beads and a turquoise colored glass accent, with two tiny (real) turquoise chips. I made a pair of earrings to go with it as well.

Remember that sodalite necklace that wouldn't photograph? I'm still not sure if I'm going to make it a ribbon or a chain necklace...but I'm wearing it here, as I talk on the phone with a friend...

and a similar style is shown below, made with gold colored glass beads.

It's been hard to hold myself back to just making fairly inexpensive items. I can't wait to start working with silver and semi-precious stones again!


Tarun said...

Hi Nice blog page.Jewellery is neatly done. Thats great talent.


Sue said...

I love your jewelry! And I love how happy it makes you to make it! (Oh - I have decided that you need to let me know when you are in the states so I can call you and afford to talk for more than 5 minutes...)

Anonymous said...

It took me forever to finally find the parts with the jewelry, but it made me go back and read things I had been neglecting for a while which is good. There are some pieces that I TOTALLY want!! Maybe we can do some stuff together next time you're in the states... next semester I will have my jewelry and metalsmithing class so I'll have stuff for us to do! Beautiful work, doll!

Anonymous said...

That last post was totally me. I don't have a nifty blog account on here!