Friday, May 11, 2007

I hate iPhoto. And I love food.

Just turn your computer monitors sideways, or your heads. Whichever is easier. Because those pictures were properly positioned when I uploaded them. And I'm not trying it again tonight. Sorry!

When we lived in Tijuca, the little neighbor girl, age nine or so, befriended us. She once invited us up and had their cook explain how to make her favorite spaghetti; I think she realized that we weren’t eating very Brazilian! I remember it being really, fabulously good, and never being able to replicate it exactly. I think the cook didn’t share all her ingredients...but then, there was that language barrier...

Basically, it was onions and garlic browned up in butter, and then leftover cooked spaghetti and cream thrown in on top, salted to taste and served. Tonight, I was craving real food but not in much of a mood to make anything time consuming. I started with some onions I had in the fridge, sliced up paper thin, and left them to brown in a saucepan with butter. I then scanned my cabinets. Since I’m leaving in 20 days, I have to eat up all the things that have been lying around for months. Pasta came next, and I threw it on to boil, not even bothering to pick out the bugs. (My freezer isn’t big enough to store everything, so yes, I have bugs). I did, however, strain them out before adding the pasta to the sauce...

Next up, some frozen breaded chicken patties and a couple of cubes of frozen spinach, tossed into the saucepan until they were unfrozen and all onion-y. De-bugged pasta came next, followed by a squirt of creme de leite and milk, some salt, white pepper, nutmeg, and a teeny bit of worstershire sauce. Let me tell you. This spinach take on Garibaldi 19/101 Onion Pasta is AWESOME!!! And it took all of, oh, seven minutes to make.

And now, I must do my dishes. Because I don’t want to feed the rat that’s already eaten my olive oil container, part of my oven mitt, and who knows what else. I hope he dies of starvation!

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