Sunday, June 03, 2007

Creative Energy

My parents are having a hard time getting me to leave my jewelry supplies even for a home-cooked dinner!!! I'm burning off the stress of the past few weeks by being creative; my hands are busy and my mind can are the latest creations! All my jewelry on this page is made with silver findings.

These two earrings are made with a) carved carnelian knots, mother-of-pearl, and turquoise and b) red aventurine, mahogany obsidian, and mother-of-pearl.

I was getting less creative towards the end of the "photo shoot"-thus the Havaianas hanger! These are, from L to R:
garnet, peridot and lavender fluorite; rose quartz and green aventurine leaf; rose quartz and garnet.

L-R: Green aventurine and lavender fluorite; cultured pearl, garnet and peridot; rose quartz, amethyst and lavender fluorite with silver.

These are part of a set: cultured pearl, silver bead and lavender fluorite. The necklace is below, made with the same stones and hung on a silver chain:

This set is one I'll probably keep. The black beads come from my great-grandmother's collection. I think they're Czech glass. The mottled discs are sesame jasper and the fantastic wavy clasp (which you can't see in the is a heart-shaped toggle) is silver.

Gold-green cultured pearls and antique black glass beads.

A shorter version of those earrings aventurine and mahogany obsidian.

Silver filigree with garnet bricks and a carnelian. These earrings remind me of Indiana autumns and the gorgeous purples and reds of the sassafrass and redbud leaves....


Anonymous said...

i'm a new bugiganga reader...found link on Faye's blog (Sierra Leone). my parents are missionaries in Fortaleza. look forward to your updates. Tchau! Doug

Ali la Loca said...

Love it!!

I am in a similar jewelry obsessive phase right now. I just finished 3 hours straight on one single necklace. I'm going to post photos later this week.

Also, funny - I've been gorging myself on Reese's, too. My dad has a huge sack lying around the house and I've been eating them nonstop. :)

Keith said...

That is beautiful jewelry! We can't wait to see you. I hope you are able to unwind some more. Good luck with the visa.

DvineCarmine said...

Jenna- are you selling your jewelry or are you just making yourself tens of twenties of pairs of earrings? If you are selling, i think I would be interested. Let me know.

DvineCarmine said...

Sorry- my "blog" name is super old- this would be Jennica leaving you a message. :)