Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Ah, sleepy little town. I wonder how many other people walk through the drive-up ATM on any given day. The guy in a red 4x4 pickup truck looked mildly amused as I tried to work the machine from my 8 inches too-tall perspective(I'm not at the level of a seated driver, after all). My mother worried that I would need the car, but I'm unwilling to drive as long as Brazilian styles are stuck in my head. Accident waiting to happen...they don't even turn on their lights at night! But I don't need a car. I walk blocks and blocks in the city, sometimes crossing two or even three different bairros in one hike. In heels. And Spencer, with her "dangerous" two lane highway and mile or so of business district, is going to beat that? Doubtful!

It was nice to get out and walk a bit. I'm afraid I'm going to get quite sedentary in the States. Too much food, too little to do.

Not that I'm complaining! I've been looking forward to American junk food for a while. My sister made her famous chocolate chip cookies last night, which should be considered one of the world's food wonders...I'm loving them! But I'm already craving mashed garlic pumpkin and arroz a grega and a good piece of salted meat. What are the chances of finding a fresh pumpkin in Indiana in June?

I put my stack of visa documents together today; it's about an inch and a half thick. And I'm still missing at least one document, which I'll be getting today. I need a police background check...so it's off to the jail for me!

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