Thursday, August 09, 2007

Addendum, 10:34 pm (also known as: how do you like run on sentences?)

My friend from church who is neighbor to the pink house I'm still dreaming about being mine ran into the owner's wife yesterday in the street...they had a nice talk about me and she must have gone home and given her husband a bit of wifely pressure. He's invited my friend over to chat tomorrow, and will hopefully liberate the deposit as an option. In which case, I wouldn't be homeless and would be running down to the office to plop down my three month's rent deposit before lunchtime.


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Riorose said...

Well, Jenna, you have been resourceful and it appears successful. Yes, we need to really work hard on things that were so simple at home. For example, when we look for a rental in the US, you find something, put a deposit on it, wait for your credit to clear and then you get the key.