Monday, August 20, 2007

Because I haven't posted yet and need to

I seem to avoid blogging when things are crazy. So much happens so fast that I can’t sit down and write about it in the moment. Too much in my head, too much to process, too little time…
The good crazy is that I am living in the pink house, with wooden floors and tile and a cute porch and yes, sun ALL day long. This won’t be cool in the summer, but at least I won’t have to go to the beach to get a tan! The kitchen’s too small and the bathroom has hot water and there’s space for a hammock as soon as I get around to buying one. I like this house. The ceilings are super tall and the windows expansive; the ceiling fan makes things noisy and cool, and I am fully planning on putting art on the walls. One day.
The massive moving spree happened on Wednesday, a process that involved several good friends and only a few bruises and NO broken china. The cleaning day in the old house on Thursday didn’t go quite so smoothly; I nearly broke a finger and sustained rope burns on three fingers on my right hand. Note to self: gloves are necessary when throwing couches over the side of the porch. I am thankful I gave away some of my furniture. There’s no room for it in these rooms, and I infinitely prefer having books to having an extra sofa!
Ben arrived back on Friday, the Servant Team showed up on Sunday. This being my last week to do so, I tried to register at the Federal Police today, but according to plan (it’s happened almost every time to me!), they’re on strike. So I wasted my time and money heading all the way downtown, but at least I got a nice private bus ride and a chance to put on makeup. There’s been precious little time for that these past weeks!
And that’s the quick update.
My honest update would say that I am feeling overwhelmed and over committed and like I want to crawl into a cave and eat chocolate until the wee hours…I would apologize for not taking pictures of my house or writing during this last week to let your know your prayers were answered with a resounding “ yes!” But I’ve been too busy. And the last thing that I want to do is sit in front of a computer. For one thing, this computer is brand-new and this happens to be some kind of bug season; I had one actually crawl into my keyboard and wiggle back and forth as if he was in some kind of maze…I finally managed to grab his wings and squish him. So I am kind of avoiding playing with the computer at night. For another, I’m just tired. There’s so much going on and so few people to handle the responsibilities, and so when I am not running around, I feel like I should just be sitting still, listening to God.
So that’s what I’m going to do right now. I’m going to publish this blog post and then stop “do-ing” for a little bit. Put on comfy pants and meditate, sing some Psalms, try to focus on the present and let tomorrow worry about itself.

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steph said...

yeah for the pink house!

sounds like you're a busy girl. know that people are thinking of and loving you.

and have fun settling in!