Sunday, October 28, 2007

Back from Santiago

So I just got in from Chile today.

There's a lot to tell, but I'm kind of feeling that maybe I should take a shower. It's hotter in Rio than it was in Santiago...and being in airports all day makes me feel gross. Plus, we ate a lot of junk food over the weekend. Starbucks. Dunkin'Donuts. Taco Bell. It's unfortunate that Brazil doesn't seem to have the same access to evil, trans-fatty multinational chain food as the rest of the world does. We might end up living longer, and will certainly have better cholesterol levels, but I miss donuts. Sometimes they show up in my dreams. It's sad, I know. There are so many better things that I could be dreaming about...

Why was I in Santiago? Women's retreat. Women of the Harvest. It was great...but I'm going to post about that later...I'm off to take an ice-cold shower and pretend that it's not almost summer here.

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