Monday, October 22, 2007

Sushi makes everything better

The third time is the charm! After two unsuccessful attempts to find my mysteriously wonderful sushi place downtown, after feeling as though Harry Potter-ish buildings were moving behind my back to hide the worn red sign, we stumbled upon the cobblestones and found ourselves face to face with a glorious array of raw fish and molded rice.

With lime and tuna. Shrimp. Something fried and wonderful with cream cheese and spicy goodness. Mango, cucumber, "crab" and a thin topping, like a marbled bit of icing, of beautiful pink salmon.

A tray of salmon sashimi, perfect and shining. White fishy things draped or tied with strips of seaweed...all clamoring to be put on my big white plate and ravenously devoured.

Sushi by the kilo, my friends, by the kilo. R$3.60 for 100 grams.

Happiness and refreshment for under US $8? Joyful chopsticking??? Overwhelming.

And after such a lunch, one is given new strength to crawl under dirty bridges and nearly burn one's arm off when the girders are supporting someone's makeshift wooden stove, while well-to-do Brazilians nearly cause a pileup in their daily commute staring at our ragtag bunch of worshipers...but that's another story...

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ben said...

hey - hope you're having fun in chile. make sure you don't have too much fun and decide to stay...