Monday, October 22, 2007

In which Jenna shows her control-freak, perfectionist tendencies...

Test day. Finances and accounting, in Portuguese.

Jenna gets so excited about filling out the fixed costs and variable costs that she calculates the taxes incorrectly...subsequently screwing up all the future calculations on problem 1 and the comparison in problem 2.

There are three problems on the test. Depending on how much weight is given to partial credit, I might not have gotten SUCH a bad score. Passing the class is a given. What hurts is that I DIDN'T DO BETTER THAN MY PEERS in their native language in a graduate level class.

I think this points to overactive pride and personal goals that are maybe set just a little too high? Not to mention perhaps needing to remember that I am human and not a genius????


Anonymous said...

Overconfidence might be a problem since fixed and variable costs would be "familiar concepts" maybe even old hat given your experience in a previous economics course.
I always considered it an undergraduate level course but I now must consider upgrading to a graduate level course!


Ali la Loca said...

Does it surprise you that I TOTALLY relate to this? :)

I am still gloating, 7 years down the line, from the fact that I got the highest grade in Comunicação Empresarial (aka Portuguese grammar and writing class) of all my peers at ibmec.

In the other classes like finance, however, I didn't do so spectacularly well. I passed, and in the end, that was enough. Also, nobody will ever see those transcripts again!