Sunday, October 21, 2007

This is disgusting

So last week, when I went to the beach with Ben and one of the Servant Team girls, it was kind of windy and cold. And maybe I forgot to put on a lot of sunscreen. And maybe I got really, really sunburnt.

Today it was hot, really hot, and I was so very nasty and sweaty when I got home. It was such a relief to put on shorts...until I looked down and saw that my legs resembled nothing less than bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap.

The skin that refused to peel was pocketed with tiny bubbles of sweat. I feel like a leprous freak. Serves me right. From now, I'll be religious about both the application AND checking the expiration dates on my sunblock!

In other news, Ben in is the States and I have three Servant Team girls living with me in my one-bedroom apartment. And the thermometer is rising...

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