Thursday, June 26, 2008

A day in the life...

After-school program.

The four year old is upset that the 11 year old boy is on the swing and not her. Her face sets in a vicious pout, and she lands a nice push, shove, punch combo at his body while trilling: Son of a B&$%*!

Sweet child. I made her apologize, even though I had to pick her up to put her at eye level with him.

Other kids want to know if we're going to do music lessons and sing opera today. Also sweet children.

"Tia, your hair looks much nicer short. You shouldn't let it grow anymore. This is so much more flattering on you." Well, thank you, little six-year old with adorable
black curls and the biggest lashes on the continent. I think you're pretty cute too.

I sent no one home today, a fact of which I am extremely proud.


Daphne said...

i completely love this little post jenna. the sweet and simple storytelling gives a great picture of your life and of the personality and characteristics of the kids.

its snippets like this that i envision being a staple on something like a brazil blog or 'what's new in wmf" page or a feed to a home page of the new wmf website -- with our newfangled redesign.

AND, where did you get that amazing photo?! can we have it? ;)

Anonymous said...

Your Grammy wants a picture of your new haircut. I don't get on much , life is too busy. Just finished bible school, great third and fourth graders. Now, to get my fence up for my garden. Critters have had their last feast in my garden. Love you. Grammy