Monday, June 30, 2008

Lazy Monday

Lazy Monday. Slept in, which was warranted because I heard the weirdest conversation outside my house at 4 am last night that actually had me using a mirror to try to peer around the corner and see who was talking. Spent the afternoon in Santa Teresa, which is a grand and glorious neighborhood, and with exceptional company, which only added to the experience. And now? I'm playing computer solitaire. I've managed to accumulate $4,576.00 (but not all today!). I'm shooting for five grand, then I've promised myself I'll have to delete the program from my hard drive! But it's a great mindless way for me to relax...avoid studying...wait for my super lasagna to cook.

It's super lasagna because I was trying to clean out my refrigerator and freezer. There were bits and ends of several kinds of vegetables, half a can of tomato sauce, some almost-freezer burnt chicken and a couple slices of cheese. For the sauce, I went kind of rosé, with a chunky garlic tomato sauce, a packet of spinach and cheese dried soup, some cream, milk, and the contents of a plain yogurt that I didn't feel like eating. (I also couldn't remember when I opened it.) I shredded half a carrot and a zucchini and mixed it in with the spinach for a vegetable layer. It smells great...but I'm guessing it needs about another 20 minutes or so in the oven to cook the noodles all the way through.

I haven't eaten more than three real meals in the past four days. It's not because I haven't wanted to, but my schedule just didn't allow such luxuries. So tonight I skipped class just to make dinner. I'm so excited about sitting down with a plate of food, eating as much as I'd like, then relaxing with a cup of tea (Earl Grey, with sugar and cream) to study Marketing de Serviços for my test on Wednesday. And I currently have $4,767.00 in the solitaire bank...which means it's about time for me to pull that lasagna out of the oven. Lazy Monday. I love it!

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