Saturday, August 30, 2008

Going shopping

I should be eating rice and beans to save money.

Truth be told? I hate rice and beans.

I like black bean soup, and rice dishes, but really don't care too much for the two together. Maybe once or twice a week. The last pot of black beans I made had to be scraped out into the trash can--and I probably needed to put some kind of gas mask on for the removal. Rotting beans are TOXIC (and it doesn't take too much for them to go bad)!

My supermarket purchases today:

-real soy sauce (because I'm dreaming of this great pasta and veggie dish with a peanut butter teryaki sauce)
-brown sugar
-two loaves of bread: one cinnamon/raisin, the other whole wheat
-whole garlic
-sliced kind-of Swiss cheese
-the smallest brick of imported Cheddar cheese I could find (and TOO EXPENSIVE)
-mineral water
-tomato extract
-two trays of strawberries

This gives a better insight into what I survive on, besides chocolate milk and bananas.

Give me strawberries and cheese and I am the happiest woman in the world. Add in a little balsamic vinegar (for the strawberries), crusty bread with olive oil, and a fantastic bottle of wine (mead, perhaps?) and I am jetted into another universe.

I love Brazil, but I am living in the wrong culinary paradise. I belong somewhere in Europe...


Ellen said...

you are such a fatty! i know few people who talk about food as much as you do. can i hear a little more about your life?

Susan said...

Wow. Strawberries, cheese, crusty bread and olive oil, wine and earl grey... You just listed my idea of a complete shopping list!
When you find somewhere to live that serves your perfect foods, let me know, and I'll be there!