Monday, September 01, 2008

You must go here.

This has consumed my morning.

That and my early morning writing, and surprising non-hatred of the newspaper delivery man who rang my doorbell 3 times at 6:21 in the morning, nor my ambivalent feelings about throwing the last shovel of dirt on the graves of two friendships last night. I slept like a baby (thank you Concho y Toro, Amy and Carol) and my dreams were much less harried and violent. There was something about a boat and dirty orange water and losing my laptop and missing my dad...but no dismemberment or people nailed to trees...

(I think my subconscious is telling me to write horror movie screenplays. But I don't BELIEVE in terror films. I just DREAM them.)

But THIS blog (a suggestion from Jen) has taken all of my free morning and then some. She is funny. She is hilarious. I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THIS WOMAN'S WRITING!

p.s. ...just to be masochistic, I am reading the love story. Every freaking chapter. I have downed two cups of my favorite Earl Grey tea and eaten some cheese. (It's a fasting day but I have to eat something to keep down my meds...) I have not showered. I have not swept my floors or written thank you letters or responded to emails. Pioneer Woman, what are you DOING to me???

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wren said...

Oh, my chemistry-lit friend, your suggestions never cease to fascinate me! This is on par with Archy and Mehitabel, seriously. I love it.

It's a time vortex.