Thursday, September 04, 2008

Typical Thursday

All I could think about today was food, as a way of distracting myself from the heat. Skipping lunch didn't help much and I was very, very ready to go home, get some groceries, make some kind of high-sodium noodle dish that will send me grinning to an early death.

True to my luck, just as we are closing up the after-school project for the day, the punks and the cops decided to play war games. So the kids raced back up the stairs to sit with us in the kitchen until the danger passed. They're cute, grubby kids and I didn't have to yell at them too much today, other than to order one kid to do barbell lifts with the log he was pretending was a machine gun (he wimped out at 30) and give a stern talking-to to the disturbed 5 year old who tells people to "take it up your a$#" and threw a container of dirt on his older brother. He's a charmer, he is.

When we finally determined it safe to head home, the kids skipped down the road, gleefully ignoring directives to go directly home, do not pass Go!, do not collect any prizes. They climbed dirt mountains, ignored the drug punks standing in a well-armed cluster 20 feet away, and cavorted slowly down the street. You'd think their parents would be more worried about them.

Now that my stomach is satisfied with an attempt at yakisoba, my new favorite fast-food dish, I think it is time to take a long shower. Kill off those lice, remove the black lines of dirt that are ringing my feet, feel clean again.

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