Sunday, September 07, 2008

Such a Pleasant Weekend

This is what happens after a typical Thursday, apparently. You are fine on Friday. And Saturday too, where you go out to dinner with a friend and eat too much. Then you go to a house church meeting, where stepping in the door you suddenly feel tired. Like you should lay down on the floor. Or maybe on the sofa. But definitely be in a horizontal position. And suddenly, you're thinking that the limeade you had with dinner maybe wasn't a good idea, because it was too acidic or something and is really bothering your throat. Come to think of it, it's not just your throat that's on fire. Since when have eardrums been so sensitive? And why does it feel so very, very cold in this room? Does anyone have a blanket? Really. This is excruciating, trying to translate while shivering and feeling like someone took a rasp to the inner lining of your esophagus.

No one else seems to notice your fading state, but God answers prayers and you get a ride home. Nice. That metro ride would have been too cold for comfort...but what's this? The thermometer is registering fever? Fever? Fever? And suddenly there is a mad race to the bathroom...while visions of a little boy from the after school project dance in your head. Didn't he complain of something? Sore throat? And when you let him put his head in your lap while you waited for the gunfire to cease, didn't he feel too warm for normal? Did you perhaps not wash your hands well enough after they all went home? Dang children's infernal diseases!

Two hours of sleep is SO not sufficient to beat down a virus, and napping during the day is out, thanks to a sun-facing apartment that gets quite toasty by 10:00 am. What to do? Drink lots of tea, beg dinner off a friend and hope you can keep it down, dig out the pharmacy under the bed and pump Vitamin C into cells via a miracle drug that comes in little tablets. Hope for the best.

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