Monday, September 08, 2008

On Nutrition

Every bite and every swallow are met with groans. Real groans, animal in pain groans. After all, anything touching my throat is like muriatic acid. Chewing is a disaster, as my jaw refuses to open or close without sharp, shooting pains that make me wonder if I'm not getting an arthritis flare in that joint. Not to mention the swollen uvula that is CHOKING ME EVERY TIME I SWALLOW. This is ranking up with one of the worst weeks of my life.

Am I feeding myself enough? I don't know. Let's take an inventory:

Breakfast: a small cup of strawberry yogurt and two poached eggs with two slices of toast

Snack: another small cup of strawberry yogurt, a squirt of honey directly into my mouth

Lunch: six bites of rice, beans and chicken a friend brought over, cold, and too salty

Snack: three spoonfuls of strawberry jello

Snack: a 41 calorie soup packet stuffed liberally with crackers that melted into soft goo at the bottom

Tea time: a big mug of vanilla-roiboos with milk and honey

Dinner: one grilled cheese sandwich with garlic (garlic is supposed to be an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial agent) smushed into a bowl of tomato/ginger soup that I didn't finish because it hurt too much

And then there was the tea my sweet landlord's wife made me gargle. Green pomagranate. Tastes like battery acid on holiday. At least it's just a gargle, because I almost threw up after the second try...

I'm guessing that I'll be a few pounds lighter before this is all over...

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Ali la Loca said...

So sorry you are feeling so icky.

Hope it passes soon, and that you treat yourself to mounds of yakisoba to recover the lost weight.

Where did you get the vanilla roiboos??