Friday, March 06, 2009


I am officially older today.

My sister sent me the coolest hand-made card, prominently featuring shoes and chocolate and clippings from magazine perfume samplers. She nailed my princess side on the head, right down to my new favorite color...I particularly liked the chocolate chip cookies, whose chips were tiny high heeled chocolate pumps, perfect for a SugarLand Barbie...wonder where one would find those? I wouldn't mind eating a chocolate shoe right about now!

Surprisingly, I bought no shoes for my birthday. Oops, that's a lie. I ripped my favorite pair of flats this week when I stepped off the curb. Twisted them right around my foot and tore the side out. Thanks to the magic of shoe repairmen (gotta love Brazil!), they're fixed, but fragile, so I had to get another pair of daily shoes. Does that really count?

Tonight, my birthday wishes include a house for my friend and co-worker whose family is being suddenly evicted as their building has been condemned by the city; more patience and less drama in my life; and a personal air-conditioned bubble in which I can live until summer is over.

It is hot.

I am really glad for fans...and ice cold water bottles...and now I am going to bed.

The blog will be updated with pictures and so forth soon. I know I'm terribly, terribly behind, but you have to forgive me because today's my BIRTHDAY! Yay! Now that I'm older, I'm *sure* I'll be more responsible in the future...


Ellen said...

happy birthday old/older sister!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday dear/dearest oldest daughter! Hope you have a wonderful day. Your present is in the usual place - enjoy!! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dear oldest Granddaughter.I went to the PHila Flower Show on Wednesday and they had the most ingenius flower shoes. I thought of you, you would have loved it. There were also three flower dresses, and purses. the talent was wonderful.I have been terrrible about birthdays this year, so bad that I'm thinking it is time for Grammy to give it up.I haven't remembered anyone's birthday. Grandpa never does, so I'm thinking of joining him. Your # 5 so far. Love, Grammy

JC said...

Happy birthday Jenna!!! Wishing you much happiness, peace, and many blessings for 28!